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Heart Law, LLC is an ambitious and enterprising family law firm in the Twin Cities with a strong emphasis on Collaborative Divorce.   The key concept is reducing conflict so parties avoid the financial and emotional stress of litigation.

Collaborative Divorce is a cost-effective, problem solving approach that will empower the parties to make sound, long-lasting decisions while preserving their privacy and dignity.  See Heart Law’s new Collaborative Video.

Other areas of practice include:  Mediation, Estate Planning, Landlord/Tenant, Real Estate Development and General Business.


What Clients are saying about their experience with Heart Law, LLC:

“Angela provides facts about the process, but in a compassionate way. It was a great balance for an emotional time.”

“Angela gets it.  She has a great ability to achieve fairness, and remove unnecessary emotion.  I don’t want to go through a divorce ever again, but if I did, I’d go directly to Angela!”

“Angela has been through it herself and can relate to all aspects of the process.”

“Angela is so thorough and knowledgeable.  She made is easy to make smart decisions.”

“Communication was timely and professional.  Great explanation of the law. I highly recommend Angela and her firm.  She gives lawyers a GOOD NAME!”

“Angela was fantastic to work with.  She knows what she is doing and gets it done as fast and as painless as possible.  I was also shocked by how much she cared personally.  The kindness and compassion beyond her job was amazing.  I already have recommended her to friends and colleagues and will continue to.”

“Angela was very helpful in helping me understand the various options upfront and supported my decision on how to move forward.”

“Angela was great at responding to inquiries, explaining options and providing overall advocacy.”

“No one goes into a marriage wanting or expecting to get divorced. It sucks.  But using [Heart Law] is the way to do it.”

Latest Posts

Collaborative Law Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee nominated collaborative law for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 based on the belief that it has the potential to promote peaceful conflict resolution and prevent conflicts from escalating into more serious and violent situations. Collaborative law is seen as a way to reduce the adversarial…

Heart Law is Open for Business

Heart Law is open for business. We are drafting documents and working virtually with clients and other attorneys. Paperwork can still be filed with the courts. Collaborative cases are handled administratively anyway – so there is no real adjustment needed with courts for those types of cases.

5 Mental Health Steps for Divorce

1. Is Divorce something I am ready to do? Many partners are usually at vastly different levels of readiness to enter into the divorce stage. There’s a lot of emotion and people tend to react instead of figuring out what may be the best plan for the family. Moreover, the…

The Value of My Marriage

Can you really put a value on your relationship? On your marriage? The divorce process can be ruthless and will often steer parties into a downward spiral focusing on numbers that seem to equate to the marriage. Because of the inherent nature in dividing assets and creating two separate households…

Know Your Tendencies to Help with a Better Divorce

Understanding not only how you handle situations but how your spouse handles things is extremely important in any relationship, but especially important when that relationship ends and the prospect of divorce is looming. Difficult decisions need to be made when parties are usually in a high emotional state. Knowing your…

Which Divorce Process is Right for You?

Divorce is a life changing event racked with emotions.  During this emotionally trying time, parties are forced to make decisions that will have life long consequences.  The process of dividing one household into two can be daunting and overwhelming.   Heart Law understands the relationship, financial and parenting issues that…