What is a Digital Asset Attorney?
A digital asset attorney is a specialized legal professional dedicated to managing and protecting your digital assets. In an increasingly digital world, our lives are intertwined with various online accounts and digital properties. From social media profiles and email accounts to cryptocurrencies and digital photos, these assets need careful management and protection. A digital asset attorney ensures that your digital legacy is preserved and accessible to your loved ones.

Estate Planning for Digital Assets
Estate planning for digital assets is a crucial aspect of modern estate planning. Digital assets, unlike physical assets, often require unique strategies to manage and transfer after death. Heart Law provides comprehensive estate planning services that encompass all your digital properties. Here’s how we can help:

• Inventory of Digital Assets: We assist you in creating a detailed inventory of all your digital assets, including account credentials and passwords.
• Access and Transfer Plans: We develop legally binding plans to ensure your digital assets can be accessed and transferred according to your wishes.
• Legal Compliance: We ensure that your digital estate plan complies with current laws and regulations, including the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RUFADAA).
• Digital Will: We draft a digital will that specifies who will manage your digital assets and how they should be handled.

Practical Steps for Clients
Making it easier for your loved ones to access and manage your digital assets after your death is a key part of our practice. Here’s what we do to simplify this process:

• Access Authorization: Heart Law helps you set up proper authorization for trusted individuals to access your digital accounts, reducing the risk of legal complications.
• Educational Resources: Heart law provides resources and guidance to your loved ones, helping them understand the process of managing digital assets.
• Regular Updates: Heart Law works with you to regularly update your digital estate plan, keeping it current with any new digital assets or changes in the law.

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