What former clients have said:

“Angela provides facts about the process, but in a compassionate way. It was a great balance for an emotional time.”

“Angela had good communication and kept things moving.”

“Communication was timely and professional.  Great explanation of the law. I highly recommend Angela and her firm.  She gives lawyers a GOOD NAME!”

“Angela was fantastic to work with.  She knows what she is doing and gets it done as fast and as painless as possible.  I was also shocked by how much she cared personally.  The kindness and compassion beyond her job was amazing.  I already have recommended her to friends and colleagues and will continue to.”

“Angela is so thorough and knowledgeable. She made it easy to make smart decisions.”

“I would definitely recommend Heart Law to a friend.  Angela’s initial consult was very helpful and she provided clear communication on what to expect.”

“Angela was very helpful in all ways. She has a lot of experience and I completely felt comfortable and trusted all of her advice.”

“Ms. Heart clearly has a passion for helping others navigate through the divorce process, as evidenced in her commitment to “Daisy Camp” and other non-revenue generating activities where she devotes her time and skills to.”

“No one goes into a marriage wanting or expecting to get divorced. It sucks.  But using [Heart Law] is the way to do it.”

“Angela was great, very much appreciated the communications and her expertise.”

“Angela was great at responding to inquiries, explaining options and providing overall advocacy.”

“Very approachable and I liked the mediation->collaborative approach.”